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Solidrock can register domain names on your behalf. The name will always belong to you, and can be transferred at any time in the future at your request, with no charge from Solidrock for doing so.

We can also advise how to transfer names in to us so that we will then act as your renewal registrar going forward. Our domain registration fees are reasonable, and it is cleaner and less risky to handle domain registration and hosting with the same provider, as that avoids issues down the road.

That said, if you want to handle your domain registration with another provider, that is absolutely fine - we will give you details of how to point the name(s) to your hosting with us.

Equally, if you prefer to use us just for domain registration and have website and/or email hosting elsewhere, that is fine. We are very flexible, and you are always in control.

You can use the lookup tool below to check the most common extensions and if your name is available. If you have other names you know are available and would like us to register them, that is fine, and you can specify that when you place an order.

Generally, for most churches and charities in the UK, we would recommend .org.uk as the extension. You can have as many domain aliases as you like, so if it is available, you can also register .org and have it point to the same website.

For business sites, .co.uk or .com are the way to go, and for personal sites, whatever you like - we can also register .me.uk names for example.

When you have the name(s) you want ready to order, then visit our Contact form, let us know you would like us to register the name(s) and we will confirm the price and process by email before registering the names. Or, give us a call to talk it through if you have any questions.

Domain Registration Fees

Charges are billed annually and are per domain per year

.org.uk .co.uk .me.uk .uk £7.50 per year + VAT

.org .com .net £12.50 per year + VAT

Domain lookup