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Web design & hosting, social media integration & more for UK churches, charities, musicians & businesses


Solidrock UK Ltd was established in 2000 so we have over 20 years' experience in providing online services. The company aims to help individuals, churches, charities, musicians and businesses establish a cost-effective and contemporary presence on the web.

Our product range includes comprehensive services for domain name registration, web hosting, web design and consultancy.

We have hundreds of clients, but make a point of getting to know each one as personally as possible.

Our service, and the quality of our support, is what sets us apart, and most clients use us initially because of personal recommendation, and then stay with us because of the friendly, prompt and knowledgeable service and support.

The team is UK-based and virtual - we are based around the country, including South London (Bromley and Forest Hill), Bournemouth and Stafford. We work best when we get to know our clients individually, and we are always keen to meet in person, or virtually, using any of the multiple tools available to facilitate that.

Our servers are all UK-based as well, so we are fully GDPR compliant, and we believe in supporting local businesses in the UK, as well as serving the non-profit sector.

We are an ethical company, trading honestly and with integrity, and helping to raise funds to support churches and charities, especially those helping the poorest in the world. We also host some websites for parts of the NHS and do so at a substantial discount from commercial rates.