About us is part of Solidrock UK Ltd, and we have several years of experience in providing internet services. The company aims to help individuals, churches, charities and businesses establish a cost-effective and contemporary presence on the web. Our product range includes comprehensive services for domain name registration, web hosting, web design and consultancy.

We have hundreds of clients, but make a point of getting to know each one as personally as possible. Our service, and the quality of our support, is what sets us apart, and most clients use us initially because of personal recommendation, and then stay with us because of the friendly, prompt and knowledgable service and support.

Our key aim is to be an ethical company, trading honestly and with integrity, and helping to raise funds to support churches and charities.

To contact us anytime, use our online form, email, or call us on 020 7183 3170 (leave a message if we don't pick up and we will call you at the earliest opportunity)

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed below, updated May 2018 for GDPR compliance:

Solidrock UK Ltd is committed to your privacy, whether you are a visitor to our website, an existing, or a prospective customer.

We do not currently use Cookies on this site, and if that changes at any time in the future, this Privacy Policy will be updated accordingly.

We collect and store personal data only where absolutely necessary to establish customer records for purposes of handling domain name registrations, website hosting setup tasks, billing, and answering support and other enquiries.

We only store such data as is absolutely necessary for the administrative tasks described above, and we do not use your details for marketing purposes at present, and if that changes at any time in the future, this Privacy Policy will be updated accordingly. Since the company began in 2000, we have never shared your data with 3rd parties (unless compelled to do so in a law enforcement scenario), and have no intention of ever sharing or selling your personal data to any 3rd party in the future.

You may request to receive a copy of any personal data we hold at any time, and we will respond within 72 hours (we aim to respond more quickly), with no charge, regardless of whether a first or repeat enquiry. You may request that we delete any personal data we hold at any time, and we will comply within the required timeframe.

We provide secure encryption for web-hosting clients for their own files, images, documents, databases and other digital elements that comprise the web-hosting services for their own websites and applications, and we provide free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption protocols so clients may ensure all traffic between their website and users is secure. Responsibility for the Privacy Policy of their own website content and data lies entirely with the respective client - individual or corporate - and Solidrock UK Ltd is not responsible for our clients' own compliance with relevant legislation.