Use the form below to request a customised price quotation based on your needs, and if you would like to talk it through, we will be more than happy to chat over the phone. If you want to proceed, then you simply need to email to accept the quotation, and that will be your order.

When you place an order, we will not ask for payment up front, as we operate completely on a trust basis. We are happy to register domain names, set up hosting, and allow you a free 3 month trial period to be sure that you are happy with the hosting. At the end of the trial period, if you do not wish to proceed, then you simply need to pay us for any domain name registration fees we have incurred, and then the names are yours to move elsewhere as you wish.

Solidrock have been serving UK churches, charities, businesses and individuals since 2000 and our clients' trust is the most important aspect of everything we do. Please request a quotation and ask any questions you may have.