Its time ditch dial-up - FREE Broadand setup now available is pleased to be in partnership with in providing broadband connectivity for our clients. Whether you are a dialup user at present and are looking to upgrade, or are an existing broadband user and are considering switching, we are confident will exceed your expectations - it's fast, reliable and the service and support is excellent. Their plans start from just a few pounds per month.

Click the banner above, or click here, and when you get to the appropriate part of the signup process, simply enter solidrock as your referrer.

If you are an exisitng Solidrock dialup user, then the great news is you can keep your email address and use it with the broadband service. When you are set up, email us for details of how to continue sending and receiving your emails


The directors and staff have used for their own home and office broadband for several years and have found it to be excellent, so we are simply recommending the best company we have found, and the one that we ourselves use. We receive a small commission from for referring you to their services, and the price you pay is exactly the same as you would pay if you went directly to them, so there is no additional cost to you for clicking through from this page and ordering.